How employee distribution across industries changed over the past two decades

In 2001, almost half of the World's employed population (46%) had elementary occupations and were skilled agricultural, forestry, and fishery workers, while 6.3% were professionals.

Inventions that shaped the way we work

Over the past centuries technology has slowly, but irreversibly changed the way we live our lives, do our job, develop our career and our vision of the future.

How much e-waste is there in the European Union?

Currently, only 15-20% of the e-waste is recycled. There are huge differences in e-waste from one region to another.

Visualizing 3 centuries of CO₂ emissions

Ever since the industrial revolution began, batteries, power plants, and cars have burned fossil fuels such as oil and coal, releasing huge amounts of CO₂ and other gasses into the...

Bargaining strategies

Sometimes bargaining situations are unavoidable. The Ackerman Bargaining Method is countering with prices, decreasing in increments, until your target offer price is reached.

9 Signs It’s Time To Change Your Mindset

Change doesn't come easy. Here are 9 signs that tell you it's time to do it.

Who are the protesters?

The number of protests around the Globe increased significantly in the past three decades. Since 1990, citizens' resistance and disagreement has been fueled not only by economic, social and political...